Design Build/Assist


Edgewood Electric offers full electrical engineering services with ACAD operators, PE engineer and NICET level 4 on staff. Edgewood has the ability to do a complete conceptual budget, electrical design and electrical installation all while working closely with the architect, construction manager and owner to maintain the budget and to provide a project everybody can be proud of. Edgewood has provided complete engineering services for projects ranging from $2,000 upwards of $6M.

In addition to design build Edgewood also offers complete design assist capabilities. Although very good at electrical design, electrical engineering firms don’t always understand cost or scheduling impacts their design may have on a project. During this process Edgewood works with the architect, ownership, construction manager and the electrical engineering firm throughout the design phase of the project to eliminate any unnecessary costs and to assist in moving the project ahead quicker. Because Edgewood completes electrical installations each and every day we have a thorough understanding of all costs and schedule impacts involved. This process is very effective, just recently Edgewood was able to save a project owner over $700K on a $2M project.

There are many additional advantages to working with the Edgewood Electric team in a design build/design assist capacity:
  • Pull ahead work - We can install sleeves and provide electrical rough in prior to issuance of the drawings, allowing the early phases of construction to be completed without delays.

  • Working with the local utility - Edgewood will engage the local electrical utility early on in the design process, set up meetings, assist in developing a method of service and service date as well as establish temporary construction power to the site. This is very important as some areas require 6 months to 1 year to get permanent power to a site.

  • Edgewood’s attention to detail - Because Edgewood does electrical installations each and every day we are fully aware of all of the details that are missed on the typical set of electrical documents. Examples of this are code required items in elevator pits, shafts and equipment rooms, line voltage interlock for HVAC units, power supplies for equipment panels, heat tape systems, and power door provisions. Items such as these typically result in last minute changes in the field and change orders to the owner. Edgewood prides itself in having minimal changes after the issuance of construction documents.

  • More control over the project budget - Because Edgewood constantly monitors the budget you won’t run into a situation where the drawings are completed, released, then bid out only to realize they are over budget thus causing a messy VE and redesign process. We will help you avoid project delays.