Monthly Archives: September 2016

Edgewood completes impossible Quicken Loans build out on time

Edgewood was approached by Barton Malow earlier this year to competitively bid on a very fast paced Bedrock project for a Quicken Loans tenant build out at 1900 St. Antoine. The project entailed completely gutting and renovating 80% of the buildings 101,841 square foot floor plan in just 14 weeks. Never shying away from a challenge Edgewood proceeded to bid on the project. Edgewood fortunately won the project. Once the contract was received Edgewood management and supervision immediately developed a strategy, procured materials and developed an inspection plan with the city. Edgewood worked around the clock throughout the project duration and often times beat the target dates set before us. The project was a complete success moving in the Quicken Loans employees right on schedule.

We at Edgewood definitely thank all of the other trades on site, the Barton Malow team and the Bedrock team in their preparation, quick responses and willingness to work hand and hand on this project.